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Data Scientist & SWE | NASA | BS Computer Science & MBA Student


  • Mattia Ducci

    Mattia Ducci

    Computer science master degree, mobile and full-stack developer, research fellow in the field of accessibility at the University of The Studies of Turin..

  • Darth Data

    Darth Data

    I love data, like the dark-side of the force loves darth vader ;)

  • Justin Wallander

    Justin Wallander

  • Droid Kree

    Droid Kree

  • vitonzhang


    Coder At Beijing. Maybe open a company in the next ten years.

  • Shormistha Chatterjee

    Shormistha Chatterjee

    Dzone Contributor| Blogger| Co-author | Sr. Writer| Silent observer on Medium, reads every day and love to write.

  • Geraldine Geoffroy

    Geraldine Geoffroy

  • David Taylor

    David Taylor

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